Turnkey infrastructure for distributing data

For data vendors, Databolt Pipe provides turnkey solutions to efficiently distribute data to your clients.

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Why Use DataBolt

DataBolt makes data delivery more efficient for both data producers and consumers

Data distribution currently

Everyone wastes time on tasks they would rather not be doing

Data Vendors

Maintain infrastructure

Diverse client needs

No analytics

Data Consumers

Lengthy onboarding

Diverse data pipes

No documentation

Data distribution with DataBolt

Spend more time on tasks that matter and increase data ROI

Data Vendors

Turnkey infrastructure

Solve common use cases

Richer analytics

Data Consumers

Faster onboarding

Unified data pipes

Better documentation

Features for Data Vendors

What DataBolt can do for data vendors

Turnkey Infrastructure

Use managed infrastructure, no need to build and maintain separate APIs, AWS S3 buckets and ftp servers

Simple Web GUI

Non-technical users from sales and product teams can distribute data without involving your engineering team

Unified Delivery

Common use cases across clients are addressed with standard formats, richer meta data and common libraries

Usage Analytics

Get download confirmations and daily usage statistics to measure engagement by client

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How it works

How data is distributed with DataBolt Pipe

Current workflow

1. Vendor has to create and maintain infrastructure and manage security

2. Vendor writes custom scripts and APIs to push data to data storage

3. Vendor manually shares access credentials with user

4. User writes custom scripts to pull and ingest data

Improved workflow

1. Vendor easily creates managed infrastructure and security

2. Vendor uses Databolt GUI, API or python libraries to push data

3. Databolt securely sends short-term access credentials to user

4. User leverages free Databolt resources and meta data to pull and ingest

DataBolt Difference

How DataBolt Pipe is different from other tools and services

Retain client relationship

Assist you in your client interactions, not replace you. You are the primary contact for your data.

Immediate Use

No lengthy sales process, technical setup or deployment.

Open Architecture

Don't get locked into a proprietary platform where you have no control.

Scalable Pricing

No high up-front fees, you pay for how much you use.

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How your clients benefit

How your clients and users achieve higher data ROI with DataBolt Pipe

Faster Onboarding

Free open-source library takes care of common tasks such as authentication and sync

Unified data pipes

Unified access with standardized data formats reduce time building and maintaining data pipes

Better Documentation

Richer meta data and documentation make it easier and faster to ingest and analyze data

Get Started with DataBolt Pipe

Freemium offering to fit your needs


Open Source

Try out free open source offering

  • Basic managed infrastructure
  • Self-hosted infrastructure
  • Basic API and Python
  • Web GUI interface
  • Host meta data
  • Analytics



Managed turnkey infrastructure

  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Premium API and Python
  • Web GUI interface
  • Host meta data
  • Analytics
  • Unified file formats
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You already manage your own infrastructure

  • Self-hosted infrastructure
  • Premium API and Python
  • Web GUI interface
  • Host meta data
  • Analytics
  • Unified file formats
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