Why are we building DataBolt?

As consumers of vended data frankly we often found vendors support for data delivery made our life unneccesarily difficult. Most of the time we would receive CSVs that had to be manually processed or we had to learn a new API just to take a quick look at the data.

The vendor on the other hand got frustrated with our slow evaluation process. We realized vendors don't always have the resources to build the neccesary technology.

So we are building a product to make the data evaluation process better for both sides. Our vision is for DataBolt to dramatically reduce the time it takes to get your data ready for evaluation and analysis and to make the data exchange betweeen data vendors and data consumers more efficient.

Vision for Data Consumers

What data consumers should get by using DataBolt

Increase data ROI

With less time spent on cleaning data, you spend more time on evaluating and using.

Accelerate evaluation and use

With unified data access, you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you test a new dataset.

No infrastructure required

Quickly evaluate and use your data without having to build and maintain the required infrastructure, like SQL loaders, access libraries, Excel add-ins.

Central cloud-based repository

All your vendor data in one place available in the cloud. You no longer have to dig through emails, folders, CSV files to find your data.

Vision for Data Vendors

What data vendors should get by using DataBolt

Accelerate sales and distribution

With faster access to cleaner data, your clients can evaluate your dataset faster and get more value it.

Retain direct client relationship

DataBolt is designed to assist you in your sales process, not replace you. You retain access and license control and are the primary contact for your data.

No infrastructure required

Quickly distribute your data in a client-friendly way without having to build and maintain the required infrastructure, like SQL loaders, libraries, Excel add-ins.

Strong best practice cyber security

Data is encrypted and you control access. APIs are built with best security practices. And since DataBolt is detached from your infrastructure, lower risk of security breaches.