Accelerate data science

For data scientists and data engineers, DataBolt is a collection of python-based products to reduce the time it takes to get your data ready for analysis.

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DataBolt Benefits

Designed to accelerate data science

Majority of time in data science is spent on tedious tasks unrelated to data analysis.

DataBolt simplifies those tasks so you can experience up to 10x productivity gains.

DataBolt Python

Modularized libraries to accelerate data workflows

Manage Workflows

Makes building complex data science workflows easy, fast and intuitive for 10x productivity gains

Manage Datasets

Turnkey solution to host data files, documentation and metadata so others can quickly use your data

Ingest Data

Quickly and reliably ingest raw CSV, TXT and Excel files to SQL, pandas, parquet and more

Join Data

Easily join different datasets without writing custom code using fuzzy matches

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DataBolt Pipe

Make data delivery and onboarding more efficient

Turnkey Infrastructure

Manage data files, documentation and meta data using flexible and secure infrastructure

Simple Web GUI

Non-technical users from business teams can access and manage datasets without involving engineering teams

Faster Onboarding

Data consumers benefit from unified delivery, richer meta data and fast access via free GUI, API and python libraries

Better Documentation

Richer meta data and documentation make it easier and faster to ingest, analyze and understand data

Get started hosting data documentation and technical meta data for free

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DataBolt Difference

How DataBolt is different from other tools and services

Open Architecture

Designed to promote data exchange to reduce frictions in data pipelines.

Flexible Access

Use Python libraries, REST API or GUI - in cloud or on prem.

Immediate Use

No lengthy sales process, technical setup or deployment.

Community Enabled

Contribtions from the community are welcome and encouraged.

DataBolt Blog

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